Week of December 12th – December 16th

A Note from Ms. Sickler

  • Saline Area Schools (SAS) has been awarded grant funding of approximately $500,000 for mental health resources and $500,000 for safety and security resources.  We will host two community forums to allow all stakeholders an opportunity to provide feedback on how these funds should support SAS. If you’d like to attend, please RSVP by clicking HERE.
  • FYI: Lost & Found Items will be donated to at the end of 2022!


Save The Dates

  • December 20th – Kindergarten Concert @ Saline High School auditorium (9:30am; doors open at 9:00am)
  • December 23rd – January 8th – No School
  • January 13th – Early Release – Dismissal @ 1:10pm (lunch served)
  • January 16th – No School
  • January 19th – PTA Winter Family Fun STEM Building Event (6:30-7:30pm)

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District Notes

Important Safety Message from Superintendent Laatsch

Due to student actions, several school districts in Washtenaw County have had to place individual buildings on lockdown over the course of this school year. Although Saline Area Schools (SAS) has yet to take this safety precaution this year, please take time to talk to your students about the seriousness of making threats against an individual student, a group of students, or a building.  Please help your student explore ways of resolving conflict that are peaceful and productive.  Our school handbooks and Board Policies detail very clear student expectations regarding threats.  Gross misconduct by students involving threats will be addressed with discipline up to and including permanent expulsion from Saline Area Schools. While there are many factors considered when disciplining a student, disciplinary actions are usually more severe when the threat includes the use of a weapon.  The administration and Board of Education take all threats very seriously.  Consequences will be issued by administrators and the Board when students make threats.  Board Policy 5772 specifically addresses weapons in school and the severe actions that can occur for any threats or possession of weapons in school. Further, there are many other policies that address school safety and the dire consequences that can occur when our schools, students and staff are subject to false threats. These consequences often require suspension and/or expulsion.

Please clarify to your students that all threats are taken seriously.  Every act, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, has consequences. In today’s world, there is never a time that a threat against an individual student, a group of students, or a building is a joke.

Please also share with your student the importance of reporting concerns/notifying a trusted adult if a classmate is showing any alarming signs or makes disturbing comments. We have actually already witnessed a number of instances where students, parents and community members have reported concerns that they have seen (primarily through social media) to a trusted adult. In addition to reporting to a trusted adult, students can also use OK2SAY, a confidential digital platform.

The law enforcement community also takes these threats seriously, and the Attorney General and prosecuting attorneys are holding offenders accountableIf you are ever in doubt of who to contact about a threat, especially when school is not in session, call 911 to report your concern.

School violence is a community problem, and it is going to take a community effort to solve.

Thank You.

Stephen D. Laatsch, PhD.
Superintendent, Saline Area Schools

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Did You Know?

Climbing wall child Vectors & Illustrations for Free Download | Freepik

Did you know that during the week of December 12th – December 16th all students will be using the climbing wall in PE?  They will be following many safety procedures to ensure this is a safe and fun activity for all. One safety procedure is wearing closed-toed tennis shoes. It is imperative that students have proper shoes to wear – no booties, crocs, boots, etc. on their PE days.



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