Week of August 23rd – August 27th

A Note from Ms. Sickler

I am looking forward to saying HELLO to all Harvest families this Wednesday, August 25th from 5:30-7:00pm at our Open House.  In addition to visiting your child’s classroom and meeting their teacher, you will also be able to meet additional Harvest staff in their spaces, meet bus drivers in the bus loop, and play games & purchase Harvest gear on the Harvest playground.

Ms. Sickler

Upcoming Events 

Monday, August 23rd

  • 6:00pm – Facebook Live with Superintendent Laatsch and District Nurse Karan Hervey
    • Watch on Saline Area Schools Facebook 

Wednesday, August 25th

  • 5:00pm – Walk to Harvest Open House with Ms. Sickler & Dr. Laatsch!
    • Meet at the corner of Annandale Court and Bicentennial Parkwayat 5:00pm
    • RSVP HERE to walk to Open House
  • 5:30-7:00pm – Harvest Open House
    • Medications (with the completed form) can be dropped off at the Harvest Office during Open House
    • Washtenaw County is in the “Substantial” phase of COVID-19 transmission.  This means that SAS will be requiring face masks at our Open House. This will be a crowded event and we want to make sure that everyone is safe who plans to attend.
    • It is a requirement that everyone wears a mask for this Open House event unless one of the following exemption categories have been satisfied:
      • A child under the age of 2 years;
      • A person with a disability who cannot wear a mask, or cannot safely wear a mask, for reasons related to the disability;
      • A person for whom wearing a mask would create a risk to workplace health, safety, or job duty as determined by the workplace risk assessment

Sunday, August 29th

  • 12:00 – 8:00pm – Chalk the Walk
    • All welcome! Drop-in when you can to chalk the walk and welcome the students back to school. Let’s send them off with a smile & start this school year with positivity. Draw, write, & doodle happy messages. Bring chalk if you have it. Think about bus loop, walk from the parent lot, etc. Let’s do this for the kids!!

PTA Points

Help make the Harvest Open House a big success by volunteering!  It takes lots of people to make it happen and we welcome your help.  Please sign up to help direct people and move them about the open house (entrances and then to the playground) and also to help sell merchandise.  Last year was a challenging year for all so let’s kick this year off with a fun, back-to-school open house!

  • Sign up to volunteer at Open House HERE

Support the PTA and help welcome the kids for their first week back to school.  You will help by making sure the kids getting off the buses know where to go and get in the appropriate class line.

  • Sign up to volunteer as a bus greeter HERE

Support the PTA and help out the kids with their first week of lunch at school. Make sure they know where to go, help open things (juice boxes, applesauces, etc), and are following the rules. Most importantly, be a warm, friendly, masked face!

  • Sign up to volunteer as a lunch helper HERE

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District Notes

From Dr. Laatsch’s August 20th’s Community Message:

I do know this. ALL of our parents and community members care about three things:

  1. Getting our students back to 5 days a week of in-person instruction

  2. The social-emotional well being and academic achievement of our students

  3. Working towards a day when all of these Covid protocols (including mask-wearing) are unnecessary

Most of us are feeling some loss and despair regarding the grip that COVID-19 still holds on our community and our children in particular. Many of you have expressed concerns that mask-wearing is detrimental to children’s social-emotional well-being. I understand this concern. However, there are ways that children (and adults) can offset any of these social-emotional concerns as referenced in our Continue to Learn Plan – Community Frequently Asked Questions document (see “Mask Wearing” question #4). We are also going to be working with our teachers to provide frequent mask breaks, especially for our youngest learners, so they can “see” each other on a regular basis. 

Read entire message HERE.

Sweet Tweets of the Week


Did You Know?

Did you know that on Wednesday. September 1st, anyone who wears Saline gear gets free admission to the Saline Fair?  Learn more HERE.

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