Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year

The 2021-2022 school year is right around the corner. I’m so excited to be welcoming so many students back to Harvest this year. I will use this blog to keep you updated with all the Harvest Happenings!  Please be on the lookout for weekly updates each Sunday at 3:00pm.

Save the Dates

Coming up this week:

  • Thursday, August 19th
    • Teacher Placement Letters shared electronically
    • 5:30-6:30pm New to Harvest?  Meet Ms. Sickler and PTA representatives on the Harvest Playground
    • 7:00pm Facebook Live Q&A session with Dr. Varsha Moudgal, St. Joe’s Infectious Disease Specialist on Saline Area Schools Facebook

Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday, August 25th
    • 5:30-7:00pm Open House
      • Doors will not open until 5:30 p.m., so teachers have time to finish getting ready for your visit
      • PTA will be selling Harvest gear on the playground during Open House
  • Monday, August 30th
    • Young 5s & Kindergarten Students: Orientation Day.  Please refer to your welcome letter from your child’s teacher as to your scheduled time.  Note: Tuesday, August 31st will be the first day of transportation and the first full day of school for Young 5s and Kindergarten students.
    • 1st – 3rd Grade Families: First Day of School

Dr. Laatsch’s Community Message

From Dr. Laatsch’s August 13th Community Message:

Current  Phase – COVID-19 Transmission

Washtenaw County is currently in the “substantial” phase of Covid transmission. During this phase, the CDC is recommending the use of masks in indoor spaces. As a result, SAS is now recommending the use of masks indoors in our facilities for all students and staff, particularly when in crowded spaces. However, this is not a requirement and mask-wearing will not be enforced at this point. 

We have announced that IF Washtenaw County is in the “substantial” phase (or higher) of Covid transmission as we start hosting events with a greater density of students, staff, and community members, SAS will be requiring mask wearing for all participants. Examples of events include WEB, Link Crew, Schedule Pick-Up, and Open Houses. SAS will communicate with stakeholders about mask-wearing requirements at these events. 

For the first day of school, August 30th, we will be requiring mask wearing for all students and staff in all grades IF we are in the “substantial” or “high” phase of Covid transmission. If we are in the “low” or “moderate” phase of transmission, we will be requiring mask wearing for all students and staff in grades Y5-6th grade AND recommending (not requiring) mask wearing for all students and staff in grades 7 and higher.

We will be referring to this CDC COVID  Data Tracker  (consistent with the Washtenaw County Health Department’s tracking process) when making decisions related to these 4 phases of COVID-19 transmission (low, moderate, substantial, and high). Every Friday, I will communicate out to the SAS Community to explain what phase of Covid transmission we are in AND what our mask requirements will be for the upcoming week.

Read entire message HERE.

I can’t wait to get the year started with all of you. Let’s make 2021-2022 something special!

Ms. Sickler

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