Week of May 4th – May 8th

A Note From Ms. Sickler

May 4th – May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Week.  We are so lucky at Harvest to have so many amazing teachers on staff.  Earlier this year, I was able to pop into classrooms and watch teachers curate opportunities for their students to be inspired, supported, loved, and become risk-takers in their learning.  During our “new normal” I continue to see this level of commitment from the online activities to the seesaw responses to the classroom zoom meetings to the ways teachers are reaching out to individual students in ways that best fit their needs.  Dr. Michael Rice, State Superintendent, shared this quote about Teacher Appreciation, “When our students look back on this period years from now, they will remember those of us who stood tall in their lives during this challenging period.”  Our Harvest teachers stand tall for your children each and every day.  I am so proud to serve alongside this mighty Harvest staff.  Please take a moment this week to thank a teacher.

I’ll be thanking my first-ever teacher, who is a retired 2nd-grade teacher and elementary principal… and who I am lucky to call mom.


Please let us know how your family is doing by checking in: HARVEST FAMILY CHECK-IN FORM.

Love and virtual hugs,

Ms. Sicker

Specials Newsletter

Each week our elementary specials teachers will be sharing some ideas for you to create, sing, move, innovate, and read.  Check out this week’s newsletter HERE.

COVID-19 District Notes

Saline Area Social Services Update

Here is the updated list for SASS as of Friday, May 1st.  UPDATED HOURS – Mon. 10-530, Tues. & Wed. 10-12:00, Thur. 10-2:30 and Fri. & Sat. 10-12:00. As always, your help and support are greatly appreciated!

Milk ½ gallon containers
Razors in small packages
Bar Soap
Deodorant (men’s and women’s)


Box Tops will honor clips expiring now – in the November count.  Please save your box tops and turn them in when we return to school.

Did You Know?

Did you know that MAISA (Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators) has created guidelines for distance learning time frames?  Please refer to the chart below.

Pre-K suggested schedule

Elementary suggested schedule

PreK-5 recommended time guidelines

“Kids and Teachers Don’t Need to be Spending Eight Hours a Day on Schoolwork Right Now” article

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