Week of March 23rd – March March 27th

A Note From Ms. Sickler

  • As a district, we are continuing to work closely with teachers to help provide learning opportunities for your children. I know many of our amazing Harvest teachers have been reaching out and keeping connected with their students already. While we want to keep connected,  we do not want to add stress as we know this is a challenging time for everyone. Please give yourself grace as we all seek to find a new normal.  I am borrowing the words that our Washtenaw Intermediate School District shared this week:

To all the parents who are trying to keep up at work while trying to help their child stay focused on learning at home while also teaching them the meaning of social distancing and how to wash their hands for 20 seconds while singing “Happy Birthday” so that you can make them dinner and clean up the kitchen in time to still make it to the grocery store before it closes early so that hopefully you can find at least one roll of toilet paper and be back in time to put the kids to bed, all the while managing your own stress and anxiety about everything that is going on right now and – oh yeah – there are still bills to pay, dishes to wash, laundry to be folded, and a dog to feed…



  • We want to know how you and your family are doing so each week I will be checking in with you to see how you are doing. We’d love to hear from you: HARVEST FAMILY CHECK-IN


  • This past week your child’s teacher sent a link to a technology survey.  We are working as a district to secure devices for all students who need one in the event we do not return to school on April 6th.  If you have not filled out the survey yet, HERE is the link.


Love and Virtual Hugs!

Ms. Sickler

COVID-19 District Notes

Saline Area Social Services Update

Sweet Tweets of the Week


Did You Know?

Did you know that Mr. Sherman has created an Innovation Lab Challenge?  Take a look at some fun ideas at home and share with Mr. Sherman via email or Twitter.  Happy Innovating!

Did you know that Mrs. Reeves has created a March is Reading Month AT HOME challenge?


Ms. Sickler Reads!

I have started reading the chapter book, Amelia Bedelia Means Business.  Check out Chapters 1-5 below!

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