Week of September 23rd – September 27th

A Note from Ms. Sickler

What fun we had last week with Spirit Week and concluding with our Harvest Fun Run.  This week students will get a visit from an ice-cream truck to celebrate our school meeting its goal!

This week all our Kindergarten – Third Grade students will be completing the NWEA test for both reading and math.  A few notes about the test:

  • The test will be given in the classroom on an iPad or Chromebook
  • The test is untimed.  Students are given as much time as they need to complete all of the questions.
  • The NWEA assessment test is just one of the many pieces of data and methods that our teachers use to measure academic progress.

To learn more about NWEA and access parent and student resources, please visit the following site www.nwea.org. Once there, select the “Assessment” tab.  Then select “Resources for Parents”. At the bottom of that page, you can download a “parent toolkit” for the NWEA.

Harvest Helping Hands is a community project developed by the PTA to inspire the spirit of generosity in our school. Each month we will highlight a local charity. We ask our students and families to consider learning about and giving to these causes. Our hope is to show our students that even little acts can make a big difference.  The month of September will be:

Change for ChadTough

Each class will be collecting loose change every morning the week of September 23rd – 27th.


Ms. Sickler

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 23rd

  • NWEA Testing: First Grade & Mrs. Nelson’s Classrooms
  • Specials Day 4

Tuesday, September 24th

Wednesday, September 25th

  • NWEA Testing: Kindergarten & Mrs. Nelson’s Classrooms
  • Specials Day 1 

Thursday, September 26th

  • NWEA Testing: Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, Mrs. Hollis, Mrs. Terech, Mrs. Toth, Ms. Knoedler’s Classrooms
  • Fun Run Treat – Ice Cream Truck at Harvest
  • Specials Day 2

Friday, September 27th

  • NWEA Testing: Mrs. Taggart’s Classroom
  • Specials Day 3

Save The Dates

Quick Links

District Calendar

Harvest Elementary Website Main Page

iChat Link (all parent volunteers need to fill this out prior to volunteering)

PTA Points

THANK YOU, Harvest Families, for your support!

Sweet Tweets of the Week

Did You Know?

Did you know that Saline Area Social Services offers scholarships for after school activities?  Contact Patty Dysko (pdysko@salinesocialservice.com or 734-429-4570) to learn more.




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